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Crafter MD50 12N 12 String Guitar
£269.99 £249.00
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Gold Tone MM-150
£599.00 £539.00
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Gold Tone WL-250
£750.00 £675.00
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Crafter lite T L/H
£212.99 £189.00
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Martin 000-28  NEW Acoustic Guitar
£2,299.00 £2,099.00
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Noddy Holder, Mark Radcliffe, Fairport Convention, Joe Brown, Jack Wild, Michael Starke, Mighty Wah, more....
We have an excellent selection of Banjos from Deering, Fender, Gibson, Ozark and Wildwood.
Janet and Greg Deering, owners of Deering Banjo Company, on a visit to Frailers said,
“ If we had a music store, this is how we would want
it to be. ”
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£750.00 £675.00 10% OFF
£599.00 £539.00 10% OFF
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